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Ambitiously Unique Administrative Assistant Team

Professional Business Management Consultant

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Consulting with Purpose 

We ARE a One Stop Business Shop!

Ambitiously Unique Administrative Assistant Team offers 40 business tools that every business needs, whether you are just starting your business or already established. This makes AUAAT a B2B business (Business to Business), where all of our clients are owners of their own businesses. We specialize in start-up business, promotional marketing, videos & ads, business plans, marketing strategy, streamline operation, business consulting, ROI, business & staff  protection, LLC, EIN, Trademark, BBB Accredited, company uniforms, business email, website, domain, actual business location or virtual business address, business phone line, social media platform & business search apps, LOGO, digital & paper stock flyers, digital business cards w/ QR code, card stock business cards, business stamp & car magnets, company forms - customers/ clients/ employees, company payroll, business software, software training, administrator assistant training, business information and tips, HR information, staff recruiting demoting & releasing, plus much more.  We have plans that includes all of our services which are our fully covered plans and we offer plans that are custom made for our clients business needs, which are our fixed partial plans. This allows the client to pick and choose the projects that they are interested in working on at that moment. Even if it's just a LOGO. We are a business that dedicate our skills and time to our clients, even if that means holding our clients hand in the process while they receive the understanding of it all. AUAAT understands that everyone who starts a business or want to start a business do not always know the inside, in-house work, tricks, and trades that comes with all businesses. We actually care about our clients and their dreams and want to be a part of helping you bring that dream into a Bigger, Better, Brighter reality. We also understand that what you put into something is what you get out, a business is just as good as its employees and staff. Here at Ambitiously Unique Administrative Assistant Team we put in for the team to help them gain and/or launch properly in the business world of today. Our job is to take the time to listen to what our clients need, then we strike to succeed.  

Our Services

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  • 1 hr


  • 1 hr


Staying on Top of Business

One-time fee of $25.00, when you become a part of the team the $25.00 will be added to your plan.

As a top Business Management Consultant Team in Memphis Tn, we have succeeded in helping our clients achieve big changes in their businesses. Thanks to our extensive dedicated  services, we have provided clients with personalized attention, expert assistance and advice through some of their most complex challenges by using the 40 business tools that we offer.


We Make your Business Our Business

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